Helpful Vaping Tips


  • Use a battery with at least 350mAh, but not over 900mAh.
  • Lower battery power = more flavor!
  • Higher battery power = larger draws and bigger clouds.
  • Temperature matters, so do consider the tradeoffs.1
  • If using our 510 thread cartridges, avoid air-draw or self-draw batteries, as they generally do not have enough voltage to power 510 thread cartridges
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged for consistent vaping. If your battery is low, the draws may be too light and seem like a malfunction.


  • Before you screw on your cartridge, prime it by taking 3 short draws.
  • Attach the cartridge to the battery (screw on clockwise), then test to ensure the cartridge heats and draw properly. If the cartridge is not drawing, twist it very slightly counter-clockwise and try again.
  • If the cartridge is clogged, you can use the end of a paperclip to clear the holes, both at the bottom of the cartridge and at the tip.
  • Always store upright at room temperature (65-77 deg.) and away from direct sunlight. Replace the rubber cap to prevent leakage and never leave cartridges in the car.


  • Start with a small 2-3 second draw. Short quick draws are more effective than slow long ones.
  • Each draw contains approximately 3-5mg of THC/CBD, so note the onset time and determine whether you are getting the desired effect.