We Walk the Talk: Our Pledge to Give Back

Growing Pains

We are disappointed that the industry has become a feeding frenzy for big suits and corporate greed who prefer to sell cannabis through spa-like packaging and scenic nature backdrops.


MFUSED pledges to stay true to our medical roots and the inclusive spirit of cannabis.

We Donate 5% of our Annual Profits to Two Charitable Causes that we and our Customers Believe in


50% of the donation will go to MFUSED CARES, our non-profit organisation and our customers (YOU) will determine the other charitable organisation. We then donate to both 50/50.


At the end of the year, through social media and our website, our customers (YOU) will vote on which charities we donate 5% of our annual profits to.

A Non-Profit Medical Co-op Organisation that Donates to Patients in Need