MFUSED™ - Twisted

 Our most powerful vapor oil, this highly purified concentrate packs a punch you feel instantly. Boasting the highest percentage THC with a superior flavor profile, potently noteworthy. After distillation, we re-infuse cannabis and natural botanical terpenes for a superior taste and immediate peak high.

Isolating THC using multi filtration extraction (MFE) with a focus on having the highest levels of purity & potency

  • Superior Taste And Immediate Peak High
  • Cannabis With A Twist Of Natural Botanical Terpenes
  • No Artificial Additives, Ever- Clean Green Certified
  • Independently Tested To Ensure No Harmful Pesticides
  • Genuine Ccell Hardware (Universal 510 Thread)

Twisted Strains Thc Distillate

melon haze

tropical trip

sour OG berry

sour tangle

sour blues

purple daze

mango dream

black banana cookies


banana kush

animal crackers

the white

tropicana cookies

maui pineapple