Pesticide Policy

The “Dirty” Truth About Pesticides

Little peer-reviewed research has been published on the health and safety risks associated with pesticides and cannabis, however, the tests that have been performed show cause for significant concern, particularly medical patients or those with elevated risk factors. If we know harmful pesticides in our fruits and vegetables is bad, why would we want them in our cannabis? At MFUSED, we continue to build on our legacy of integrity, innovation and commitment to our medical roots by providing the cleanest, safest, highest quality and most rigorously tested cannabis extracts available.

Our Commitment to You - “Medical Grade, for a Cleaner High”

MFUSED has always been committed to making the highest medicinal marijuana standard accessible to all. We source material from responsible, pesticide-free farms. Every one of our growing partners agrees to a comprehensive “zero tolerance” policy for harmful pesticides. You will never find any glycols, glycerins, chemical additives or artificial flavors in any of our products. Our small batch, whole plant, full-spectrum, strain specific CO2 cannabis oils preserve naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids so you can taste and experience the true spirit of the flower. Our distillate cannabis oils have industry leading purity and potency levels because we only use high quality material (we were pioneers in using outdoor sun grown flower – not trim – for our distillate), coupled with our proprietary low-impact, minimal heat distillation and cannabinoid isolation technology.

Our Stringent and Transparent Pesticide Testing Policy

All of our products are subjected to independent testing regimens to establish standards for quality and pesticide compliance that not just meet, but exceed state requirements. Most producer processors submit flower to pesticide screening before they extract. What’s the point? Pesticides in flower don’t magically go away during processing, in fact, they are often concentrated. We go one step further by submitting our extracted oil for comprehensive pesticide screening by the leading certified independent pesticide testing facility in Washington to ensure that the final product is in full compliance and safe for consumption.